The IDA software has been basically a one-man programming project. Therefore, here are a few words about myself and how I got the idea. Of course, Ekkard and Petra Seidl have been the instigators, as during the past years, they defined what the programme should do, provided the data structure for stringed instruments, and did much more with me, step by step. They financed the development, did the Beta-testing, put me in contact with the right people, and now they are helping with the marketing. The basic concept as well as many details were planned and developed in countless meetings in Ekkard Seidlís studio.
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Holger Pschera

I was born in 1986 and grew up in the towns of Erlbach and Markneukirchen, both part of the Vogtland region known as the "musical corner" in Saxony, Germany. I had a talent for mathematics and logic, and my father ran a computer shop, so computer programming was a logical thing for me to get into. Even when I was quite young, I added to my pocket money with Web design projects. In 2009, I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (WHZ) with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences, with Systems Development as a major.

Specialised in Java programming, I worked in various industries (arms industry, retail), and I began to program for Ekkard Seidl on the side in 2011. Although I did not have much time for IDA, which originally was for Ekkard Seidlís personal needs only, we soon noticed that the project was interesting for others too. Wanting to have more time for it, and to grow into an attractive field of work, I became self-employed in 2014 so that I could re-engineer IDA and make it more generally applicable, and service the needs of many different kinds of users and make custom alterations as needed.

My interests: music, philosophy, meditation, dance (Argentinian Tango, etc.), hiking. I do not yet play a musical instrument, but I do own a cello, made by a good friend, which I would like to learn to play soon.

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